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Fractional Laser


The non-ablative fractional laser has a significant and safe action on facial rejuvenation, because it targets in a reasoned way – from 15 to 40% of the surface area treated per session – the destruction of a proportion of dermal cells, without disturbing the epidermis. The renewal of these thermal micro-impacts produces a better quality tissue restoration, with the production of neo-collagen, and this regeneration lasts from a few months to a few years!

Damaged and senescent cells are replaced, the deep rejuvenation process is impacted. The visual result is a tightened skin texture, wrinkles, fine lines, scars and pigmentary irregularities reduced, a complexion radiance refreshed and rejuvenated!

Fine skin and fragile areas are treated effectively and safely.

Thanks to the adjusted power setting and proportion of skin impacts, the treatment procedure with the non-ablative fractional laser is respectful of the natural healing process, in a safe, healthy and fast way.

In spite of the 1550nm erbium fibre wavelength that reaches the deep layers of the dermis, the parameterisation allows a protocol to be applied without anaesthesia, respecting the comfort and post-traumatic reaction of the skin.

Redness and slight oedema appear following the procedure and are generally reabsorbed the following day. The skin renews itself normally and without crusts, with a slight tanned tint for a few days. Sun protection is essential during the first fortnight.

Contraindications :

    • Dermatological infections: bacteriological, viral, eczemas, urticaria, etc.
    • Photosensitising treatments: cortisone, antibiotics, isotretinoin, etc.).
    • Pregnancy and the breast-feeding period,
    • Autoimmune, nervous, endocrinological and blood diseases and cancers.

Complementary aesthetic treatments optimize the skin regeneration objective and are recommended according to your individual treatment.

Ideally, an early facial treatment session is interesting to stimulate the skin’s regenerative capacity and to allow a better reactivity to the laser therapy procedure.

A special post-laser session face/neck/necklift package is offered to optimise and support collagen regeneration and further enhance the radiance of the face.


* 45 min session, 10 days after the laser session

The number of sessions recommended varies according to your problem or objective and will be determined during a first consultation.

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