ESTHETIQUE & RAJEUNISSEMENT YOUR FACE WILL GET YOUNGER ! Forget Dorian Gray, here our top of the range facials combine the latest technologies to awaken your cells. You will look younger… at once


The Precious Esthetic Institute is located in the heart of your Dessange hair salon in Versoix. Prisca for more than 20 years – thanks to her professionalism, her flexibility and her passion – offers you a tailormade service to meet your aesthetic, well-being or rejuvenation expectations.


Advanced Technician’s Certificate in Aesthetics/Cosmetics

Training in laser hair removal and fractional laser (Ivan Adam)

Lymphatic drainage training – remodeling – miracle face (Renata França)

Prisca holds all federal certificates of competence in accordance with the Ordinance on the Federal Act on Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation and Sound Hazards (NISHA) under the aegis of the FOPH.

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