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The Renata França method aims to unclog and strengthen the lymphatic system. It also activates the metabolism and the capillary and blood circulation. The result is an immediate displacement of body fluids and a reduction in edema, resulting in a feeling of well-being and lightness!


This is a vigorous technique designed to model the adipocytes, in other words, to move the fat to the right places and thus reshape and re-contour the body.

Package of 5 massages of your choice: 700 CHF (i.e. 140 CHF for drainage or remodeling per session) 

Massages are carried out using NESCENS anti-aging oil.


It is a technique that allows the reduction of localized excess fat through the application of cold. It is considered a non-invasive, non-painful slimming technique. It is effective and allows the reduction and smoothing of deep cellulite.

Body treatment areas

Ankles – calves – knees – thighs – saddlebags – the buttocks – the belly – the waist – the inside of the arms.


Improves skin tone and elasticity, smoothing and firming the skin!

Pre and post treatment package ” Body Sculpting ” 150 CHF / 60 Min.

Advice and a personalised estimate will be given to you during the first consultation.

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